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Passionate operators with a mission to acquire and grow a great company



A profound appreciation of your legacy

At Blackcomb Peak Equity, our mission is to acquire and grow a great American company. As founders with a family history of entrepreneurship, we've witnessed our predecessors endure the trials of starting companies from scratch, giving us a profound appreciation of your legacy. We remain steadfast in our commitment to preserving and extending owners' legacies while creating growth opportunities for the existing employees.

Our commitment is to solve the legacy transition problem for one business owner such that we preserve your legacy and create value in the process

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Protect your legacy

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Build long-term teams

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Operate with integrity


Learn about your story and your business


Get to know you, the owner
1-2 weeks

Take the time to learn about you and introduce ourselves, hear about the company's goals and initial details 


Align on initial terms
2-3 weeks

Request more information and perform a preliminary analysis to understand your business and submit an initial offer (LOI - letter of intent)


Perform diligence
6-12 weeks

Complete finance, commercial and legal diligence. Structure a mutually beneficial transition plan, with employees at the center of the plan


Close transaction
2-4 weeks

Finalize the closing price and legal documentation to transfer the funds and complete the transaction


Transition responsibilities
4-24 weeks

Implement the transition plan to ensure the company’s and employees' long-term success


A great company with a strong culture


  • Motivated owner with the right reason to sell, and interested in the continued success of the business

  • Robust client and supplier relationships

  • Strong culture and long employee tenure


  • Profit consistent during the last 3 years

  • Revenue of $10M to $50M

  • EBITDA margin > 15%

  • High percentage of stable and predictable revenue


  • Healthy growth trajectory

  • Fragmented competitive landscape

  • Low capital intensity

  • Low threat of technological or regulatory obsolescence



Two successful operators ready to continue your legacy

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Martin Cantu

  • LinkedIn

Martin is a results-driven leader with a passion for operational excellence and efficiencies.


He spent 7 years as a management consultant for PwC Operations practice. He supported clients’ plan and implement large transformational operations projects including last mile supply chain transformation, 3PL warehousing and logistics, and procurement value assessment and strategic sourcing.


Prior to joining PwC, became a passionate of the retail industry spending three years managing consumer packaged goods categories for Walmart Mexico.


He received his MBA from the University of Texas at Austin’s McCombs School of Business and a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from the Tec of Monterrey.


Since 2012 when leaving his hometown Monterrey, Martin has lived in Mexico City, Austin, Dallas and moved back to Austin in March 2022. In downtown Austin, he goes for morning runs around Lady Bird Lake and UT campus. In his free time, he enjoys sharing activities with friends including golfing, cooking, grilling, and watching sports, especially NFL and college football.



Jorge Reyes

  • LinkedIn

Jorge is a people-centric leader with a keen focus on top-line growth.


Jorge started his career as a technology consultant at Deloitte. He has experience leading client teams and software development teams to design, build, and operate business solutions, as well as negotiating and operating large-scale managed services contracts.

As part of the Everything-as-a-Service practice at the Monitor Group at Deloitte, Jorge worked with clients to develop strategies to deepen service contracts with customers via recurring revenue business models.

Jorge received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin and his Masters in Business Administration from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University.

Jorge lives in south Austin,TX with his wife, Cristina, and his German Shepherd dog, Cappuccino. In his free time, he enjoys playing music, road cycling, and cooking Texas-style barbecue.



Strong values and family of entrepreneurs

Martin and Jorge have known each other for more than 17 years and both grew up in families with similar, strong values and a history of successful entrepreneurs.

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We have witnessed our grandfathers and fathers endure the trials of starting their companies from scratch. We understand the ‘sweat and tears’ it takes to run a small business and, as proud grandsons and sons, it gives us a profound appreciation for legacy.


Given our families’ shared story, we knew the entrepreneurship question was not a matter of ‘if’, but a matter of ‘when’ – and this is why we have orchestrated this great partnership focused on entrepreneurship as the 'natural' next step in our careers.

If you are a business owner and have been thinking about your company's next generation of leadership, we want to learn about your story. We may be surprised to uncover the potential to partner to protect your company’s legacy and drive it into its the next stage of growth.

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A team with a proven track record with over 1,000 business transactions across the world

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We want to learn about your story

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